What's the deal with this site? Do we really need another way to contact the Electors?

We had barely gone to sleep on election night when people started talking about the Electoral College. In the days and weeks since, tremendous effort has been devoted to making sure the Electors hear from the people they represent. There's asktheelectors.org with e-mail addresses, or directelection.org for those who prefer paper mail. Organized groups include the Electoral College Petition supporting Hillary Clinton, and the Hamilton Electors promoting an alternative Republican candidate. What more is there to say?

We strongly support the work of the dedicated organizers and contributors to these efforts while offering another option. Since the election, each Elector has received thousands of direct appeals in their inboxes and mailboxes; according to interviews, the Electors range from desensitized to downright angry at the invasion of their privacy. We cannot recommend that people contact the Electors directly, as we think such efforts are unlikely to be well received.

The coordinated efforts are impressive, but each has its own messaging. We will not know if the Electors are moved by their positions until after the voting is complete. Many people have suggested different strategies, different lines of thinking that may resonate, but any attempt to reach out is unlikely to be heard above the noise.


Dear Elector has a different approach.

On this site, we encourage any interested citizens to contribute letters to our forum, to share their letters with friends and on social media, and to add their signature to letters that they agree with. For now, these letters will remain right here, available for all to read. Just before December 19, we will distribute complete packets to the Electors organized by state and number of signatures. This will allow them to see the full weight of support and read any opinions they choose, while helping the most persuasive arguments to stand out.

Please take a moment to share your thoughts and to add your signature to well-written letters submitted by others. Thank you for your contribution to this historic effort.